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September 2017 - The launch for New Writing Scotland 35 takes place in Waterstones, Byres Road, Glasgow at 7.30pm on September 6th. Come along and hear David read from his story!


August 2017 - Look out for She Said He Said I Said – New Writing Scotland 35, due out soon and featuring David’s short story My Memories of Seal Clubbing. Available from:



July 2017 - Thomas Muir of Huntershill - Essays for the Twenty-First Century, featuring David’s essay on John McFarlan, is still available;



The ideal present!


1-2 July 2017 – David is speaking at the Great Writing conference at Imperial College, London.


April 2017 – David’s article, A National Hero, appears in the new issue of Best of British magazine. It celebrates Red Rum on the 40th anniversary of his third Grand National win.


February 2017 – David’s article Two Royal Escapes appears in the latest issue of the US History Magazine.


December 2016 – David attended the launch event of Thomas Muir of Huntershill – Essays for the Twentieth Century in Glasgow. David’s essay on John McFarlan of Ballancleroch is included in the book.

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